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Encouraging people to become more environmentally conscious with challenges and rewards.


The Problem

As climate change continues to have a significant impact on our planet, individuals must take responsibility for their carbon footprint and actively work to reduce it. However, many people lack the knowledge and motivation to make meaningful changes to their lifestyle.

Target Audience

How Might We Questions


How might we create an app that helps people becoming more aware of their ecological impact?


How might we motivate people to take action for a better future?

User Research


of people surveyed are interested in taking action to reduce their carbon footprint


of people have ever calculated their personal carbon footprint before


of people would like to see in a carbon footprint app are personalized recommendations


of people would want the ability to track progress over time


of people would want to understand more the consequences of climate changes


of people said lack of information is the no. 1 problem they face when trying to make sustainable choices

the results are based on 35 survey respondents and
are aproximated to the closest whole number

Key Takeaways


There is a high level of interest among users to take action and reduce their carbon footprint.


A significant proportion of users have not calculated their personal carbon footprint before, indicating a need for education and awareness-raising.


Personalized recommendations, tips for reducing carbon footprint, and progress tracking are the top features that users want in a carbon footprint app.


Lack of information, time, and cost are the top challenges users face when trying to make sustainable choices. This suggests that the app should aim to provide easy and convenient solutions that are affordable and accessible to users.

User Persona

User Story

As an eco-conscious person, I want an app that calculates my carbon footprint, provides personalized recommendations to reduce it, and rewards me for making sustainable choices, so I can easily take action and feel motivated to make a positive impact on the environment.



An app that makes it easy and engaging for users to calculate their carbon footprint and be rewarded for their efforts through discounts at eco-friendly companies. The aim is to empower users to take action against climate change, while creating a seamless and enjoyable user experience that encourages sustained engagement and behaviour change.

Visual Identity


User Journey

User Flow


High Fidelity Design

First Contact

After opening the app for the first time, the user is taken to an essential onboarding screen. As onboarding screens might be a bit unpleasant for users, a live updating bar which indicates the carbon footprint of the user based on the responses given was added on top of the screen. This will make the experience of completing the form more pleasant. The user is asked only the essential questions, more questions being available later in the app.

Main Screen

The design is meant to be simple and easy to use with not so many features. However, in this simple design a lot of information should be provided to the users. Considering there are many factors influencing user's carbon footprint, colors were used for differentiating 4 main categories of information: housing, transport, food and shopping.

On the main page the users can view statistics, challenges and educate themselves with the section "Did you know?". If the user is new, another section will be shown: "Complete your profile" which is intended to continue the onboarding process without overwhelming the user.

Challenges & Rewards

Each day the challenges from the main screen are updated based on the user profile and answers to onboarding questions. After pressing on a challenge, more details about that challenge and about how it would affect the environment are shown. The users can also view how many points would get if the challenge is completed.

On the top right corner of the screen a button is shown for accessing the shop page. After gaining enough credits, the user can use them to redeem discounts at eco-friendly brands.

Tracking Progress

The goal of the app is to keep people motivated and to recognize their progress. Besides the challenges, each week the user is asked general questions about their practices. This way, the app gives an accurate feedback and it also function as a reminder and engages with the user .



The biggest challenges of this design were to create an engaging onboarding experience and to present a big amount of information on only one screen while also preserving a clean an easy to use interface.



User engagement is essential for sustained behaviour change: By creating an enjoyable user experience that incentivizes users through rewards and discounts, we can encourage users to take action against climate change and adopt more eco-friendly behaviours.


Collaboration with eco-friendly companies is important: Partnering with eco-friendly companies can help promote the app and increase user engagement, while also providing users with tangible rewards for their efforts.


Data collection is important for measuring impact: Collecting data on user behaviour and carbon emissions can help us measure the impact of the app and identify areas for improvement.


Continued improvement is necessary: The app should be regularly updated and improved based on user feedback and new developments in the field of climate change. This will ensure that the app remains relevant and effective in promoting eco-friendly behaviours.

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